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Introducing the New ProfiDrum Combi Bio 30, for the serious koi keeper !

The ProfiDrum Combi Bio 30 puts together all our experience in the area of mechanical and biological filtration, resulting in a perfect innovative modern day pond filtration solution.

With the ProfiDrum Combi Bio 30 just connect the inlets and outlets to your pipework and connect the power plug.

The ProfiDrum Combi Bio 30 system is based on the same principle of the successful ProfiDrum Drum Filter with the addition of a moving bed section using the award winning Kaldnes K1 Bio media that is agitated using the built in aeration system .

The ProfiDrum Combi Bio 30 system is fully equipped including air pump and integrated high pressure pump used for the Drum Filter cleaning, the ProfiDrum Combi Bio 30 and ProfiDrum Combi Bio 50 have the air pump and gearbox contained in a secured dry chamber.

The ProfiDrum Combi Bio 30 uses the same reliable control unit just as with the regular Profidrum Drum Filters.

  • ProfiDrum Combi Bio 15 comes with 50 ltr K1 (up to 100 ltr K1 media)
  • ProfiDrum Combi Bio 30 comes with 50 ltr K1 (up to 125 ltr K1 media)
  • ProfiDrum Combi Bio 50 comes with 100 ltr K1 (up to 275 ltr K1 media)

And of course, the ProfiDrum Combi Bio has a reduced installation height and comes complete with two separate covers for the ProfiDrum Combi Bio 50 and a single cover for the ProfiDrum 15 and 30. An Integrated Amalgam Uv is also optional for all three units.

The ProfiDrum Combi Bio can be delivered in three compact sizes, with a maximum flow of 20 m3, 30 m3 or 50 m3 litres of water (around 4400, 6600 and 11000 gallons of water) The water level is 78 cm from the base of all three units.

With two or three outlets depending on the model, water can be returned back to the pond below water level through a heater and also if you wish through another outlet pumped up over a Bakki Shower creating an extremely robust Eco System for your koi to thrive in.

ProfiDrum Combi Bio

Dimensions (LWH)




Max Flow

ProfiDrum Combi Bio 15
75 x 96 x 97 cm
3 x 110mm2 x 110mm1 x 110mm20,000 lph
ProfiDrum Combi Bio 30
154 x 59 x 97 cm
3 x 110mm2 x 110mm1 x 110 mm30,000 lph
ProfiDrum Combi Bio 50
207 x 82 x 97 cm
4 x 110mm3 x 110mm1 x 110 mm50,000 lph