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Drum Filter Screen Cleaner is a special product to clean the Biofilm, small calcium deposits and algae between the mesh on your Drum filter.

It cleans your panels so the water can run through your Drum filter freely, your drum filter will self clean less than before.

Direction of Drum Filter Screen Cleaner

  • Spray Filter Screen Cleaner on the screen of your drum filter.
  • Leave the Filter Screen Cleaner on the panels for a few minutes before you flush your drum filter.
  • When there is serious pollution of your drum panel, you can use after spraying the Filter Screen Cleaner for a couple of minutes a soft brush to clean the serious pollution.

Repeat this procedure at least monthly or earlier when required to keep an unchanged flow in your drumfilter.

Spray the sieve / drum filter with Filter Screen Cleaner, leave on for a few minutes, then rinse with water or allow the drum filter to rinse. In case of heavy clogging, let the Filter screen cleaner act for a few minutes, then remove the stubborn dirt with a soft brush. Repeat the cleaning procedure at least every month or when the flow rate of the screen / drum filter decreases significantly.